Make a difference

This Sunday is Pentecost – a celebration of the Holy Spirit’s gifts to the apostles and the beginning of our church. The most remarkable gifts she gave the apostles were the gifts of languages and understanding. It didn’t matter where someone came from or what culture they belonged to – everyone understood in their own language. What a beautiful way to extend Jesus’s radically inclusive ministry to the world.

While many of Jesus’s actions may not seem so remarkable today, his care, acceptance, and love for all people regardless of their gender, nationality, or status was outrageous at his time. He lived the command to love our neighbour as ourselves with absolutely no caveats. His actions also threatened those who had power because of their gender, nationality, or wealth. Their sin of not loving as God commanded contributed to Jesus’s death.

This Sunday we are taking another huge step on our journey to the kingdom of heaven by continuing to work towards loving like Jesus did. Rev Jenni Leslie will be helping us kick off our journey to learning how to ensure that all 2SLGBTQ+ people don’t just feel welcome in our church – they will know that they’re part of our faith family, they’re safe, and they’re celebrated. This is another step on our journey of more inclusive love and our next steps will help us to better love those with different abilities, cultures, ages, and wherever the Spirit moves us. Hallelujah!!

Rev. Paul Whynacht