For more than thirty years, the United Church and Indigenous peoples have been on a journey towards mutuality, respect and equity. Progress has been made during that time but sadly, there is still a long way for us to travel on this journey.

Here at Manotick United Church our approach has been to provide educational opportunities through book study, selecting books by Indigenous authors for our book club, and by participating in National Indigenous persons day on September 30th each year.

During worship services we make a weekly Land Acknowledgement. Red Dress Sunday, Indigenous Day of Prayer, and National Day of Truth and Reconcilation are also recognized during worship. We vary the wording of our Land Acknowledgement frequently in an attempt to be meaningful and thought provoking.

We have also supported indigenous organizations within the Ottawa region such as the Minwaashin Lodge and the Odawa Native Friendship Centre’s Bannock Bus by providing items from their donation wish list.

Through our 2023 Lenten project we are hoping to build an ongoing relationship with Misiwe Ni Relations Healing Lodge.