In 2020 Manotick United Church established The Manotick and Area Centre for Arts and Wellness (MACAW) which works under the umbrella of the church but has its own non-denominational Advisory Council made up of 9 individuals from the community.

MACAW’s Vision is to:

1) Develop a varied volunteer pool, including seniors, to act as facilitators, consultants, and advisors in collaboration with other community organizations with existing volunteer programs.

2) Support collaborative new and existing community projects based on the performing and creative arts and wellness activities, with an intergenerational approach.

3) Focus on seniors’ wellness and engagement in the programs; and

4) Build upon current successful intergenerational programs being held in the Manotick United Church building.

Since 2020 MACAW a has recruited a significant number of community volunteers, mostly retired seniors, to help with providing arts and wellness events including fitness activities and concerts. During COVID most programs and events were hosted online, with our building being used primarily for filming and limited small group activities.

We have recently been able to resume some limited activities in the building but have continued to engage the community in events posted online. Our rate of participation of seniors and others in the community has grown significantly over time. There is a continuing need to find ways to make people aware of what is being offered and assist them to participate. We are working with seniors’ homes and organizations to help get the word out and work collaboratively.

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